Nintendo 3DS Homepass for the Raspberry Pi

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What is Homepass?

The term "Homepass" is similar to the definition of StreetPass. It is the ability to gain StreetPasses without the need of leaving your home and hoping you will pass by other 3DS owners or Nintendo Zones.

Homepass systems accomplish this by creating a wireless network that pretends to be a Nintendo Zone. As other Homepass or actual StreetPass users pass by these zones, their Mii character is copied into that zone and are available to get as others pass by.

Introducing PiPass

A Homepass Relay Station for the Raspberry Pi

PiPass is a solution that implements Homepass with the main goal to be as flexible, not constrained, and as transparent as possible. It is a solution that offers simplicity of use with powerful customization.

With the portability of the Nintendo 3DS, the PiPass Dashboard is built around mobility. Desktops, notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones are compatible with PiPass and the interface offers a visually appealing and simple responsive design.

Homepass solutions should be accessible by the mass and PiPass aims to bridge this gap and grow the Homepass community.

PiPass GitHub Project Page

Visit the PiPass GitHub project page to find download links, documentation, support, and a list of recommended hardware.

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